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Federico Price


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Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier

Memory, learning, innovation, rhythm and emotion. True sustainable and non-industrial products. The “Price Ecodesign” searches, retrieves, models, transforms and meets high quality standards. Busy hands work a pure silk kimono and delicate African fabrics that lend a softer edge to military fabrics from the Cold War years, Italian haute couture and leathers that excite.

Bags, accessories, designer items, clothing, leather, wood, stone, stories, dreams, emotions, once more in circulation, and products rich in history and quality. With the search and recovery of old practices, firm roots and a far reaching vision, comes the “eco chic fashion” and “eco dandy”, a super hero of our times, who cares about detail, quality and has a first and foremost moral obligation to save the Made in Italy (counter) fashion.

Detail, quality and style. We recycle, reduce, reuse, create beauty and put works of art back into circulation, with zero impact, that remain timeless.

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90139 - Palermo (PA) Sicilia
Via Gaetano Daita, 30
Distanza dal centro: 1,36 Km
Telefono: 0918888876
Partita IVA: 06250560825
Codice Camera di Commercio: 10.000
Responsabile trattamento dati: Lombardo Sabrina